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Starter Pack


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This Starter Pack Includes:

Bag, Driver, Midrange, Putter

Axiom Cell V2 Bag

The Axiom Cell Bag is the entry-level disc bag built to carry your essentials out on the course. The Axiom Cell bag can hold 10 to 12 discs in its main compartment, and 1 more in the front putter pocket, and your personal items in an inner mesh pocket. The Axiom Cell bags have been upgraded to more abrasion resistant and water-resistant material.

  • Holds 10-12 Discs in Main Compartment
  • Easily accessible front putter pocket
  • Inner Mesh pocket for personal items
  • Drink holder
  • Upgraded abrasion-resistant material
  • Protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty


MVP R2 Ion, Spin and Anode Putter

R2 Plastic:

  • Premium look and feel of MVP Neutron
  • Recycled gray through black swirls
  • Same great durability of MVP Neutron
  • Eco-Conscious Recycled Materials


The Ion’s beaded rim design makes it a straight to overstable flier. Power putters can use the Ion with confidence. It is capable of holding long powerful lines with a late subtle fade. This makes it a very versatile putter that can be used in all conditions.


Clean putting releases and straight flights make the Anode our premiere beadless point and shoot putter. Long smooth hyzer and anhyzer lines are made easy with the Anode as an approach disc. Great glide contributes to its ability to adapt to any putting style.


The Spin has a deep profile like the Ion and Anode, which makes it great for glide-filled lofty flights. Its controlled understability makes it suitable for both new and advanced players alike.

Discmania Method or Tactic Midrange

Daredevil SwiftFox Driver

Made from our new super durable grippy ‘Ultra Plastic’. Thrown lightly it acts like a control driver but when thrown hard you can get some serious distance and serious S-curves out of this disc. This very versatile disc is great as a 1st driver which can still be used after the player becomes more advanced.

Ultra Performance Plastic – Durable opaque plastic similar to our ‘High Performance’ plastic with improved grip and a little more flex.

Flight: Straight
Plastic: Grip Performance
Weight: 157-160 grams
Diameter: 21.2 cm

Speed 9  Glide 5  Turn -3  Fade 1
Best for: long drives, beginners