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Thought Space Animus Ethereal


Performance Distance Driver

 The Animus is a high-performance distance driver with a stable flight pattern. It handles torque well when thrown by experienced players, but does not have so much fade that it is unmanageable by recreational players who need a more stable driver in their bag. We like to think of it as an Innova Wraith with a touch more stability. 

When naming the Animus we looked to the Latin definition meaning Spirit, Mind.

Behind the design:

Our "Snakes on Disc" design is loosely based off of the Auryn of Neverending story. It was a powerful medallion that belonged to the childlike empress. As a kid, we grew up with the hopes of finding a magic item that could grant our wishes and always pondering what we would wish for. In the Neverending Story we found that while the Auryn did in fact grant wishes, it took memories as payment taking away the purpose of its wearer. 


Flight numbers

11 | 5 | 0 | 2